The Campaign

The movement that makes actions of peace louder than actions of violence! We believe that when every human being begins associating a sense of pride in expressing compassion, love, and caring, and starts instilling the principles of nonviolence in their own lives, that’s when we have the potential to transform our schools, our universities, our communities, our nation, and the world.

Making Noise For Peace is simpler than you think! All you have to do is read the pledge below and sign your name to show that you are committed to Make Noise For Peace. As young people we must dedicate ourselves to peace in a way that is evident from all the things we do -- the games we play, the words we speak, the way we treat ourselves and those around us. There is no higher calling than spreading peace and nonviolence throughout our campus, our country, and our world and there is no better way than it starting from us!




The Make Noise For Peace Pledge

I pledge to live my life in a way that promotes peace over violence,  compassion over judgement, connection over isolation, and love over hate. 

I pledge to respect others and respect myself.

I pledge to communicate with words that are not hateful or hurtful, and to work to solve problems in peaceful ways.

I pledge to listen to others with an open heart, especially to people I don’t agree with.

I pledge to apologize and make amends to those I may hurt, and to forgive those who may hurt me. 

I pledge to choose forms of entertainment that do not glorify violence or make it look exciting, fun, or acceptable

I pledge to challenge violence in all its forms whenever I encounter it, whether at home, at school, at work, or in the community, and to stand with others who are treated unfairly.