MINDFUL MONDAY #7: Time to Rest


As the winter months start to arrive, the most notable change, besides the obvious newfound need for a coat and scarf, is that the natural landscape around you has changed. Once bright green foliage is suddenly found barren. What little green remains is rough, sharper to the touch, and dulled from their usual brightness. There's an important reason for this though. Plants know that they would be unable to survive the winter if they kept constantly trying to follow the pace they set at the beginning of every spring. They know that they must take a time of rest, where they are not responsible for taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. They simply need a time to be.

As you find yourself surrounded in the hustle and bustle that always accompanies this time of year, don't forget to find time for yourself as well. We cannot continuously try to do everything at once and expect any less than our bodies and minds screaming at us to simply be. Whether your time is a day of nothing but a book and some tea or a twenty minute break to simply stop and meditate or even just an hour you take for yourself, don't forget to take it. Just as the trees, we are not immune to nature's call to rest and simply be. So remember to take a break for yourself and live your life like the trees would.


Written by Onyx Loan