MINDFUL MONDAY #6: So hum or so what?


The journey of yoga, of self-knowledge, is like peeling an onion.  We go through layer after layer and comb through the many levels of existence and identity to get to the core, to the “I am” and once we get “there” we learn we were already “here” and always have been, and well, always will be.  It’s a journey that persists.  There’s no end to the spiritual surf, and to the peeling.  So, why not have fun with it?

I’ve been lucky in that I have had the opportunity to spend time with some enlightened masters first hand and the one thing that stands out is their presence – they are powerful, light, wise, and child-like, without being childish. It’s not that they are making light of serious problems, but they are going about solving them and serving others with a smile. 

I once asked Sri Dharma Mittra, a yoga master, about his fun persona, and he replied to me “I read in the scriptures that all the wise men act like a child. The Bible says only the children will enter the Kingdom of God. When you become child-like only then will be you able to catch the essence of yoga. You have to be playful.”

With finals week in tow - work hard, be responsible, nose to the grindstone, give it all you got! But at the same time – be simple, smile, laugh, and remember- what matters most is the genuine reverberation of your laugh, of your smile, of your uplifted presence.  When that doesn’t work, So Hum.  Still not there?  Then so what?  Don’t lose sleep over that missed question.  Life and your true nature are much too vast. 


Written by Jill Klimpel