Yesplus Spotlight: Kiersten

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Every month we will be spotlighting 1 (maybe 2!) of our super awesome club members so you can get to know them a little better :)

This month we are featuring our amazing club member Kiersten Pappas!


Kiersten's Hometown: Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

chagrin falls

Kiersten's Favorite Food: Eggplant parmesan


Kiersten's Favorite Animal: African Grey Parrot 


Kiersten's Favorite Song: Light My Fire by The Doors 

Kiersten's Favorite Thing About OSU: All of the clubs and limitless possibilities!


Kiersten's Favorite Thing About Yesplus: All of the amazing, kind people and having a community with a shared interest in meditation and spirituality 


Kiersten's Passion: Art! I love painting, drawing, sculpture, writing and all kinds of art. A big part of my personality is my creativity and sense of individuality and self-expression. I love to develop my own vision and aesthetic further.


Isn't she such a talented artist?!

Stay tuned for our next member spotlight!