MINDFUL MONDAY #2: Uncertainty and Unpredictability


Life has a tendency of catching us by surprise. We can have a plan for how a specific event or day may unfold, only to be blindsided when it didn’t go as we’d expected. This can cause unnecessary suffering to arise. However, if we can become aware of the inconsistencies in life, we can live more in the present moment.

I’m a planner. I map out how each morning will go, the things I have to attain that afternoon; the time it will take for me to accomplish them. So, when an interruption arises, it can be challenging not to become anxious. However, is it possible to see these disruptions as something other than irritations? Can we learn to not only recognize them but accept them with confidence?

Let’s say that you’re in a rush at the grocery store and run into a neighbor that loves to chat. When they approach you, you may feel a sense of animosity. “Can’t they tell that I’m in a rush?” “Please go away.”  What we don’t realize, is that when we’re mentally feeling or reacting this way, we’re bringing an immense amount of suffering onto ourselves. Becoming mindful of these irritations and understanding that they’re to be expected in life's every day moments, can help us relax.

Try to practice accepting the situation(s) in life that cause you stress, and switching your attention to it in a favorable way. Uncertainty and unpredictability are not your enemies. Think of them as life's gentle reminder to approach each day with curiosity.


Written by Dania Hamoui