A Yesplus Halloween! Fun + Fundraiser


Yesplus Club celebrated Halloween in style this year!

We did yoga and meditation in costume

Listened to spooky stories 


Danced, drank Halloween Punch, played Mafia, and had a general blast!!! 


Besides getting together for a good time, we also put on this event as a fundraiser to support disaster and trauma relief efforts being carried out by Yesplus's parent organization, the International Association for Human Values (IAHV). Volunteers from IAHV have been doing a lot to support those affected by Hurricane Harvey and those victimized by the shootings in Las Vegas, which you can read about here. Although these events are in the past, the trauma remains and volunteers are still working to physically and emotionally restore these areas. We've been able to raise $50 so far, any amount you can give is so helpful and valued! If you would like to donate, you can Venmo your contribution to @behappyosu or yesplus.osu@gmail.com

In fact, one of our fellow Yespluser's in Arizona played a large role in the trauma relief efforts in Vegas. She helped to organize the "Vegas Meditates" event to give those affected by the shooting a safe space to decompress, and she even met a former member of our very own Yesplus club there! It's truly a small world :)